Guitar Instructor Sean Williams Expert Guitar Shopping Tips

sean-williamsI got to catch Sean during one of his busy teaching days to get some of his expert advice about the Top 5 things my boyfriend would need to start guitar lessons this summer.

Sean took a moment to take down some of his favorite guitar essentials for me from around the store and we comprised a short list for all of you!

1. A quality guitar

 Sean’s personal favorite in our store for sale is the Electric Yamaha Pacifica 311 in Vintage White.

2. A metronome

It is essential to learn to keep time

3. An awesome guitar strap

Using a guitar strap is especially important for beginners as it can help you hold the guitar correctly and keep in place while learning

4. A tuner

It will make your learning experience that much easier and successful – not to mention more enjoyable always playing a guitar that sounds right

5. Music Stand

Keep your playing hands and frustration free with a stand!

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