Alex Doty Biography – Guitar Instructor

alex-dotyAlex Doty is a professional guitarist, music instructor, and recording artist in the Bay Area. Alex’s music path began when he took up saxophone in the fourth grade taking private music lessons. It wasn’t until he was a teeanger that he began playing guitar due to a BMX bike injury, and instantaneously became “addicted” to the guitar which ultimately “eclipsed his BMX career”.

At 16 years old Alex began playing guitar in local bands, and it was at this early age that he knew he wanted to make a career playing the guitar, unable to picture himself working a typical “9-5” job. Since then he has performed and toured all over the U.S in a plethora of bands including: The Vein, 00na, Club90, and Tasche. Lately Alex has been applying his talents to producing music for animation and film.

Alex Doty studied at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles in 2004, and received his AA in Commercial Music. He has been teaching private guitar lessons to all ages since 2005, and began teaching with us at Starland School of Music in 2008.

Alive or Dead, What Musician would you do anything to see perform/meet?
Billy Gibbons. Close second Rick James

Greatest Musical Influence?
Paul McCartney

Any hidden talents besides music?
I can cook really well, I can make a good meal out of anything laying around.

What did you want to be while you were growing up?
Before i played guitar, A scientist.

If you could have any ‘Super Power’, which one would it be?
The power to move objects with my mind, so I could bring myself food while I’m on the couch.

If you could master any other instrument which would it be?
Toss up between piano and drums

Have you had what people would consider your “15 Minutes of Fame”, and if so when/what was that?

It’s your last meal: What would it be?
A platter of seafood, crustaceans. Shrimp, lobster, crab, etc… With garlic bread, a glass of single malt scotch, and tiramisu for dessert.

You’re sent to a deserted island, and you only have one album to listen to: Which is it?
It doesn’t matter. I’d be sick of it in a couple days.

If you could leave one lesson with your students what would it be?
Then you practice, which you must do, you must FOCUS 100%!